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We offer an array of web hosting package to house, serve and maintaine files or email for one or more web sites.
Pick your domain name today.
Easy signup, reliable performance and easy management through ClientZone and cPanel.
It really is that easy!

We will get you connected!

windows hosting server gauteng freestate
Hosting server gauteng freestate
linux hosting server gauteng freestate
Windows Hosting

For clients who need to use ASP.net and other windows based languages, our Windows hosting offers affordability along with a rock-solid Windows based Shared Hosting platform.
Hosted on a reliable infrastructure at one of our many state of the art data centres, you can rest assured that your servers are hosted at facilities that offer the very best redundancy and security features to ensure the best performance always.
Cloud Hosting

Our cloud servers use the very best virtual technology and software to offer you all the benefits of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the cost of traditional physical servers.
Scalable infrastructure mean that you can quickly and easily effect upgrades with no downtime and get additional resources like processing power, RAM and storage when you need them. Our top notch hardware offers the very best in processing speed, RAM and network attached storage for ongoing performance optimisation - thanks to the VM software.
Linux Hosting

If you’re new to the world of web hosting, our Linux packages are the best place to start.
Even though our prices will barely scratch your budget, you’ll still receive a powerful web hosting platform to host your web content and your email.
Using cPanel, the world leader in Linux hosting control panels, you can easily configure your hosting to deliver on your needs. We also use Softculous to easily install Wordpress.
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