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Mobile Data

DevTec Mobile offers affordable 3G and LTE with 3 Month Data Rollover and superfast fixed LTE
that's great wireless alternative to Fibre or ADSL

We will get you connected!

Satrting from R70.00

Wireless internet wifi no contracts gauteng freestate
Wireless internet wifi gauteng freestate
Anywhere internet wifi gauteng freestate
Experience The Internet Everywhere!

Most people are never in one place for too long. It’s a rat race out there, and most of us are running in between home, work, meetings, errands, the gym and the occasional night out with friends. But whether you’re working or playing, you still need to be online to get your email and surf the web. How would you find out what’s in a Long Island Iced Tea otherwise? Our Mobile Data has expansive coverage across the country, so you always have internet no matter whether you’re home, at the office or on holiday somewhere in South Africa.
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